Tattoorevive stencil transfer gel( 8oz/250ml)



Tattoo Revive STENCIL is a professional gel for a clear transfer of lines to the skin. The composition allows you to translate detailed drawings of any size. Ideal for complex textures and dotwork. Reliably fixes the ink of the drawing with stage realism.


The unique formula of the gel allows you to capture the maximum amount of ink from paper, creating a rich print on the skin that is resistant to abrasion during long sessions. Aloe vera in the composition eliminates the possibility of spreading and smearing of transfer lines. The composition of STENCIL is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

Expressed problems of transfer lineups:

When it becomes necessary to transfer detailed images, or large drawings in one sheet (for example, on the entire surface of the back with buttocks), tattoo artists face a number of specific problems that transfer compositions can cause, for example:

Evaporation – Alcohol-containing products dry quickly on the skin and part of the stencil does not have time to transfer, you have to impregnate the paper from above, which does not guarantee a stable print.

Flowability – Aqueous formulations are too liquid and dissolve the transfer dye on the paper, fine details merge into large fragments on the skin.

Viscosity – Thick gels are not able to pass small details through themselves, and fragments of the picture are lost.

Slipperiness – Filled with glycerols, greasy, the composition does not dry for a long time, the print shifts, smearing the image.

Persistence – The formula does not fix the stencil dye strongly enough to the surface of the skin. After the first washing with soapy water, the pattern can be erased and lose up to 70% of its density.

Saturation – Many dense transfers do not dissolve the dye well, resulting in an initial impression that is not intense enough.

Dryness – Liquid alcohol-based formulations dry out the skin severely, tightening it. Dehydration shortens the time for comfortable tattooing. Dry skin is prone to excessive trauma.

We took into account all these nuances and made the perfect gel for transferring stencils to the skin!

STENCIL is a long acting gel.

By using STENCIL, the tattoo artist gets a product that:

  • Allows you to translate large stencils of complex shape with one sheet;
  • Keeps the smallest dots that a thermal transfer can produce;
  • Accurately translates gradients printed with an inkjet transfer printer;
  • Tightly holds the paper to the skin, preventing smearing of the stencil;
  • Retains an abrasion-resistant print over long sessions;
  • Translates the details of the picture as rich and easy to read as possible;
  • Keeps the epidermis moisturized, reducing unnecessary trauma;


How it works:

We recommend using the original thin paper for transferring the pattern. It absorbs the composition more evenly, and forms clear lines in small details.

Degreasing before applying the stencil is an essential procedure. The fat-free surface of the skin partially loses its elastic properties, fatty acids are washed out and the plates of the stratum corneum are pressed closer to each other.

When STENCIL is applied to the skin, the individual components of the gel are incorporated into the surface of the lipid matrix, without leaching or replacing the remaining fatty acids.

The space between the plates of the stratum corneum increases, and dye particles easily penetrate through it.

The tattoo artist has enough time to transfer large stencils: the gel remains wet and keeps the molecules of the composition responsible for fixing the dye in a semi-permeable shell.

After contact of the stencil with the surface, the main part of the composition begins to be absorbed into the paper. Enveloping and separating the dye particles from the paper, STENCIL transfers their maximum amount to the previously prepared layers between the stratum corneum plates, preserving the perfect print detail!

After removing the paper from the surface of the skin, fixing the “polar” molecules of the composition will quickly evaporate and within a few minutes will securely fix the dye between the plates of the stratum corneum. Leaving a ready imprint on the skin for a long time, you get a more stable imprint!

Aloe vera extract will leave the surface supple and hydrated!

If the location of the pattern is incorrect, the imprint can only be erased from the skin with alcohol-containing solutions! Be careful and pre-mark the area for application with a surgical marker!

Remember, the unique formula of STENCIL gel allows you to apply it in a very thin layer!
It’s hard to believe, but just try it, you’ll be surprised how convenient and economical it is!

The product is certified. Declaration of conformity number: EAEU N RU D-RU.TR06.B.04383/19

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract – Moisturizes the skin, eliminates the possibility of spreading and smearing transfer lines.

Polyquaternium-7 – deepens the dispersion of colors on prepared leather. Gives the skin a feeling of freshness, helps to soften the skin.

Polyquaternium-10 – Fixing component. Due to its high substantivity to keratin, it gives the skin a feeling of smoothness and silkiness.

Phenoxyethanol – Powerful antiseptic and stabilizer. Promotes hydration of the epidermis, eliminates the feeling of tightness on the skin. Thanks to this component, STENCIL gel does not dry out the skin, the pattern is kept easily and imperceptibly for the client.

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