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  • CARE
    Moisturizing cream based on Shea butter for professional care of a fresh tattoo. Absorbs quickly, stays in the upper layers of the skin for a long time without leaving a greasy sheen. Complex vitamin care for dry tattoo skin.
    Aloe extract and D-panthenol help accelerate the healing processes in tattoos. The cream normalizes skin elasticity and helps to restore the structure of damaged collagen fibers.
    Plant-based Hyaluronic Acid in CREAM forms a moisture-retaining layer, keeping the tattoo surface moisturized for a long time.
    complex of natural extracts of berries and vitamins creates a reliable protective barrier against bacteria, necessary for a tattoo in the first days of healing.
    The use of CREAM allows you to maintain the optimal elasticity of healing tattoos, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of skin tightness. The cream evenly smoothes the emerging epidermis, accelerates the formation of a natural skin pattern.
    The crystallized peppermint oil in CREAM reduces the severity of pain and has a calming effect after tattooing. Helps eliminate itching, which may occur on the 4th-6th day of tattoo healing.
    CREAM has antimicrobial activity due to its natural antiseptic – tea tree oil and Chlorhexidine.
    The composition is neutral to pigment paints and inks of any origin. Allows you to maintain the density and saturation of shades on the skin as they were intended by tattooists during application.
    Japanese berry wax softens the application of CREAM on irritated tattoo surfaces. Absorbing into the epidermis, the cream is retained in it for a long time, without having a tactile sticky effect on the surface.
    In the professional tattoo industry, CREAM has no analogues in terms of the duration of moisturizing the skin of a healing tattoo without the use of compresses.
    Due to the balanced combination of emollients with natural oils and carnauba wax, a small amount of CREAM is enough for a large area.
  • TINT
    When absorbed into the skin, the cream becomes completely transparent, preserving the original shades on the tattoo.
    Aroma CREAM is a hypoallergenic composition of all its ingredients. Does not contain fragrances and fragrances.
    Suitable for Vegans. Not tested on animals, contains no animal ingredients.
    Ability to use immediately after tattooing, in combination with absorbent diapers for 3-5 hours. Suitable for permanent makeup, not noticeable on the face during application. Natural UV protection. Neutral pH, suitable for all skin types.
    CREAM was developed by a tattoo artist taking into account all the professional features of applying and healing tattoos. The cream works great on large tattoos without the use of compresses. Stabilizes the lipid barrier, keeping the skin as hydrated as possible. Comfortable use without sticking to clothes. It has an effect on the reduction of healing time.
    Plant-derived hyaluronic acid in CREAM is identical to natural hyaluronic acid in human skin. This eliminates allergic reactions when applying the cream. The cream does not contain dyes and toxic substances.HOW IT WORKS?Tattooing is the process of injecting pigment into the dermis through the epidermis.
    That is, during tattooing, the epidermis remains and must remain in place. The needles form channels in the epidermis through which the pigment is delivered to the dermis. The channels then shrink, keeping the pigment from migrating to the surface.

    In this case, the body does not need to spend additional time on the formation of the missing layers of the epidermis.
    This morphological feature greatly distinguishes the tattooed surface from a wound or cut.

    The epidermis, through which the tattoo was applied, is an excellent scaffold for the construction of new cells. They are easier to attach to each other, since there are no large missing fragments of skin, as with cuts, which take longer for the body to fill.

    Forming new cells of the epidermis, the old one is depleted and forced out to the surface. Over time, it changes into a thin dry film that protects new tissues from external stimuli.

    It is quite difficult to deliver components that stimulate healing through a dry surface.

    The drying layer of the epidermis protects the body from the penetration of various bacteria and infections, it also blocks the penetration of drugs and active components of cosmetics.
    In order for the active components that accelerate the healing process to penetrate into the necessary layers of the tattooed skin, the dry surface must be very intensively moistened and maintained in this state for a long time.

    When CREAM is applied to a healing tattoo, vegetable glycerin and jojoba oil intensively moisturize the dry layer of the epidermis, through which the synthesized hyaluronic acid penetrates under the basement membrane through the channels formed from the needles.
    Being identical to human hyaluronic acid, it helps the body quickly replenish the interstitial space (intercellular fluid), restoring the bundles of collagen fibers and proteoglycan threads damaged by tattoo needles.

    During tattooing, swelling occurs in the skin. It can be pronounced or almost imperceptible. This is due to the fact that the needles, penetrating the skin, destroy the structure of the intercellular space, displacing the interstitial fluid deeper into the dermis. Additionally, the body begins to secrete exudate.
    The longer the tattoo is applied, the more fluid penetrates into the loose connective tissue, which usually does not contain water. Mixing with exudate, edema is formed. Since the intercellular fluid is diluted in edema, the body needs additional time and resources to replenish it. Experiencing a deficiency of intercellular fluid during the fight against edema, the period of regeneration of the skin increases.

    CREAM delivers hyaluronic and pantothenic acids in the amount required by the body, stimulating natural processes that accelerate the healing of tattoos .
    Read more about what processes occur during the healing of a tattoo, read here .

    The combined composition of CREAM allows it to work simultaneously on several levels:
    Japanese berry wax and Shea butter create a protective layer on the surface that does not leave sticky marks, maintains the skin in an elastic state.
    Chlorhexidine and tea tree oil fights environmental bacteria.
    Red clover extract and vitamin E reduce inflammation.
    D-panthenol and aloe vera work at the level of the epidermis to the basement membrane, normalizing lipid metabolism.
    Vegetable glycerin and jojoba oil keep the skin hydrated for the active ingredients to penetrate deeper without hindrance.
    Vegetable hyaluronic acid penetrates deeper, stimulating cellular processes in the upper layers of the dermis.
    Mint extract reduces the severity of pain and has a calming effect.

    CREAM is a truly unique product for tattooed skin. 

    Shea Butter – saturates the tattoo with vitamins E, F and A. Allows painless application of CREAM on the healing surface. Absorbed into the skin, does not leave greasy marks. Softens dry tattoo skin. Helps accelerate regeneration. Protects against UV rays.

    Hyaluronic acid of plant origin is an indispensable component that helps to eliminate the unpleasant sensations of dryness and tightness of a healing tattoo. Maintains skin elasticity by forming a moisture-retaining layer. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, forming the basis for rapid cell growth, accelerating the healing process of tattoos. Intensively moisturizes the healing surface of the tattoo during the regeneration process. Helps relieve itching.

    A combination of emollients – protects a fresh tattoo from drying out and cracking. Keeps the skin hydrated without being sticky. Emollients create a velvety protective layer on the healing surface of the tattoo. Provide fast absorption of the cream, providing a lightning-fast effect.

    D-panthenol ( vitamin B5 ) – Stimulates the regeneration of tattooed skin, normalizes cellular metabolism, increases the strength of collagen fibers, accelerating the regeneration process. Relieves irritation during healing. Replenishes the required amount of pantothenic acid, smoothing the surface of the healing tattoo.

    Vegetable glycerin , a hypoallergenic component similar to the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin, delivers moisture to the epidermis, supporting the natural process of regeneration of the tattooed surface. Accelerates the penetration of active substances. Promotes the formation of a protective barrier on the surface of a moistened tattoo.

    Jojoba oil – contains Cetyl palmitate – a plant analog of spermaceti. The only component of plant origin in the world that has an identical structure with the natural barrier of human skin. This allows the oil to be well absorbed into the healing skin. Jojoba oil is a strong natural antioxidant that resists dryness, improves skin firmness and elasticity. Allows you to comfortably use the cream without feeling oily and sticky on the skin.

    Berry and fruit wax – form a protective barrier on the tattooed skin, retaining the required amount of moisture. They create a unique, soft protective surface on the skin, removing the unpleasant feeling of tightness. Connect the walls of the channels left by the needles while maintaining the maximum density of the pigment in the dermis.

    Menthol – Peppermint essential oil crystals. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Pleasantly cools irritated skin, relieves fatigue and itching. Provides comfortable use of CREAM throughout the entire period of tattoo healing.

    Aloe extract – contains components related to human skin. Delivers polysaccharides, vitamins C, E and B, lignin to the healing surface. Locks in moisture to hydrate tight tattoo skin. Improves vapor permeability. Creates a protective barrier against environmental influences.

    Tea tree essential oil – Natural antibiotic. It has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Due to the rich concentration of terpinen-4-ol, it helps the body reduce inflammation and swelling. Accelerates the regeneration of tattooed skin.

    Red clover extract – keeps the tattooed skin supple. Reduces the release of exudate. Stimulates the protective functions of the epidermis in healing tattoos.

    Vitamin E – An active natural antioxidant extracted from vegetable oils. Improves the vapor permeability of the drying surface of the tattoo being healed, accelerating the regeneration process. Protects from ultraviolet radiation.

    Chlorhexidine – An effective external antiseptic. Maintains antibacterial activity on the surface of the tattoo for a long time. Neutral to pigments in healing tattoo skin. Helps reduce inflammation and redness of fresh tattoos. Retains the antiseptic activity of the cream.

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