Tattoorevive OLASTIC tattoo healing gel (30ml)



*Moisturizing gel with natural oils and chlorhexidine for professional care of a fresh tattoo.
*Creates a protective barrier and a favorable environment that accelerates the healing process of the skin of a fresh tattoo.
*Unleashes the full potential that tattoo artists put into bright and clear tattoos.
*The use of OLASTIC gel allows 100% to maintain the elasticity of healing tattoos of any size on any part of the body.
In the professional tattoo industry, OLASTIC gel is unparalleled in ease of application and elasticity. Clinically balanced composition of the necessary components for the rapid healing of tattooed skin. The gel evenly smoothed the emerging epidermis, preserves the brightness of the shades and the maximum density of the pigment.
Recommended by professional tattoo artists.


Creates a protective barrier on the skin, preventing bacteria from entering a fresh tattoo.
OLASTIC is absolutely transparent and retains the original shades of the tattoo.
Reduces pain during application to the skin, with excellent sliding ability.
Created to stimulate the accelerated formation of the epidermis on the tattoo!
Maintains the elasticity of the skin throughout the healing period of the tattoo.
Economical consumption: due to the combination of effective high-quality oils, a small amount is sufficient for a large area.
Carefully selected composition stabilizes the lipid barrier necessary for tattooed skin.
Keeps the elasticity of the skin in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčespecially mobile joints when tattooing knees, elbows and wrists, prevents turbidity of shades after healing.
The gel works great when caring for large tattoos, does not allow cracking of the skin with an extensive tattooed surface, allows you to evenly maintain wide gradients without cracks and gaps.
Helps reduce the healing time of the tattoo up to 3 days!
Designed by a tattoo artist!
Not tested on animals.
100% vegan
Innovative emollients – protect the tattoo from drying out and cracking. Due to the soft structure, the gel is painlessly distributed over the surface of the healing tattoo. A balanced composition of moisturizing emollients creates a strong protective film on the tattooed skin.

Shea Butter keeps a fresh tattoo hydrated, restores the lipid balance of the skin, accelerates the healing process of a tattoo, prevents flaking and itching, has a calming effect, reducing irritation of a fresh and healing tattoo, creates natural UV protection.

Chlorhexidine is a powerful antiseptic to most bacteria. Allows you to keep the antiseptic activity of the gel for a long time. For reliable protection of large tattoos;

Vitamin B5 is an active component for the restoration of tattooed skin. Quickly relieves irritation. Turning into pantothenic acid, provides a prolonged effect of the gel;

Rosemary leaf extract – creates a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates blood microcirculation in the subcutaneous capillaries;

Arnica concentrate – reduces inflammation, enhances the regeneration process, disinfects. Reduces redness of a healing tattoo;

Series concentrate – moisturizes the dry skin of the tattoo, increases the local immunity of the epidermis;

Sage concentrate – soothes irritated skin, increases the elasticity of the emerging epidermis of a fresh tattoo;

Chamomile concentrate – evens out the surface of the skin of a healing tattoo, increases elasticity and fights microbes. Allows you to use the gel on sensitive skin.
The product is certified. Declaration of conformity number: EAEU N RU D-RU.HA27.B.08846/18

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