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1. Soft Panel: Tattoo arm rest panel is made of PU leather and sponge thick materials, with large surfaces, soft and skin friendly, which is elastic and comfortable to use.
2. Prevent Shake: Tattoo armrest with a serrated card slot system, the serrated shape can firmly fix the panel, adjust the rotation button to the appropriate Angle to prevent shaking.
3. Angle Adjust: Equipped with a handle screw, can be adjusted to different angles, making the tattoo process more convenient, which is the first choice of professional tattoo salons and studios.
4. Widely Use: Tattoo arm holder adopted ergonomic design, the height can be adjusted from 69.5cm to 98.5cm, suitable for hand, arm, shoulder, leg, ankle, foot and other parts tattoos.
5. Excellent Permalloy: Tattoo arm leg rest is made of high quality Permalloy material, stable and strong, with a fixed base, quiet pu non slip pad, which is easy to store, and install, effectively improving work efficiency.


Item Type: Tattoo Armrest Stand
Material: Permalloy, PU leather, sponge 5cm
Armrest Stand Size: Approx. 36 x 23.5 x 6cm
Expansion Rod Adjustment Range: Approx. 69.5-98.5cm
Use: Support hand, arm, shoulder, leg, ankle, foot, etc. when tattoo, provide convenient operation of tattoo artists.

Package List:

1 x Large PU Leather Panel

1 x Prevent Slip Base

1 x Connecting Bracket Type A

1 x Connecting Bracket Type B

1 x Hex Screw Wrench

1 x Center Fixing Screw

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