Dr.Gritz Tattoo Cream ( Healing Cream)



Dr.GritzTattoo Cream is a new step of a tattoo healing. Due to the cream?s water basis all the useful elements are being absorbed by the skin leaving nothing to remain on it?s surface.

The tattoo color remains saturated and deep, the skin keeps it?s smoothness and elasticity, and a primary healing takes place within 3-4 days. This effect is achieved due to a perfectly balanced composition:

*D-panthenol (the main healing component);

*tea tree and orange essential oils (relieve irritation and soften the skin);

* tamanu tree oil (natural analgesic with a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect);

* optifen (natural preservative with anti-fungal, antibacterial and moisturizing effect);

*vitamin A, vitamin E;

* carbopol as a base.

Our tattoo healing cream has a shelf life of only 9 months  so you can always be sure that you have received a fresh natural product. Store below 20C.

Ingredients:D-panthenol, vitamin A, vitamin E, tamanu oil, orange and Tea Tree Essential Oil, carbopol, optifen.

How to use:apply the Dr.Gritz Tattoo Cream on a cleaned tattoo with a thin layer, allow to soak.

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