Dr.Gritz metha tattoo Vaseline



Dr.Gritz Metha Tattoo Vaseline is an organic replacement of an ordinary medical tattoo vaseline. It has an additional cooling effect due to the menthol as an ingredient. Metha Tattoo Vaseline is used during a tattoo session. 

It’s natural components care for a skin during tattooing, relieve redness, irritation and a skin discomfort.

  • No influence on transfer.
  • Cost-effective.

An interesting design and a blue colour will find you and your customers pleased, as well as the Breaking Bad fans.

Ingredients: pharmaceutical petrolatum, menthol, shea butter, vitamin A, vitamin E, peach oil, food coloring, vaseline oil.

Shelf life: 2 years.

How to use: apply Dr.Gritz Tattoo Vaseline on a skin during a tattoo session to moisturize it and reduce friction

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