Dr.Gritz Marvel Tattoo Soap (Antibacterial Anesthetic Foam) 80ml



Antibacterial anesthetic foam Dr.Gritz Marvel Tattoo Soap for external use. It perfectly cleans ink leftovers and vaseline, soothes skin, provides your client with a comfort during a tattoo session.

Ingredients:?Lidocainum 5%, PAV Ressasol, polysorbate, CO2 extract of arnica,

??2 extract of camomile, ??2 extract of bidens tripartiia, ??2 extract of rosemary, ??2 extract of aloe, ??2 extract symphytum, Germall, odorant.

Shelf life:?2 years.

How to use:?apply a small amount of Marvel Tattoo Soap directly on a tattoo during and after a tattoo session for skin cleansing and soothing.

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