The Soulnova permanent makeup dermo graph from AVA offers a modern design made in France. Its ergonomics have been designed for simple use with flawless support and precision. The Soulnova permanent makeup machine weighs only 82g, which makes it handy and easy to use.
# The top of the range of dermographs
# Adopted by professionals
# Very light weight 82g

The Soul Nova Kit includes:

1 PMU Soul Nova pen
1 Power supply
1 RCA cable
1 Mini rigid case
The micro power supply touch screen is an extremely thin and light handbag mirror, made of aluminum and equipped with internal memory. It can be used without a pedal thanks to the on / off function on the display, it is expressed in both Volts and NPS at the same time. Equipped with 4 customizable settings according to the type of processing:

eyebrows / eyeline 110 NPS
lip contour / shading 150 NPS
Trico pigmentation 130 NPS
Niple camouflage 170 NPS
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Output Voltage: 4-12V 1A
Output Power: 12W
Dimension: 97x97x13.6 mm
PMU Ava Soul Nova Pen:

Material: aircraft aluminum
Pen stroke: 3.5mm
Needle output: 0-4 mm
Length: 115 mm
Weight: 82 grams
C ompatible with all cartridges on the market

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