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Body Piercing Kit

PROFESSIONAL BODY PIERCING TOOL SET All tools are crafted in 410 Stainless steel, With Black Zipper Case. Here is what is included: 1 Ee. 6" Mini Pennington Forceps - SLOTTED 1 Ea. 6" Small Loop Sponge Forceps 1 Ea. 6" Large Loop Sponge Forceps - SLOTTED 1 Ea. 7" Ring Opening Pliers 1 Ea. 6" Ring Opening Pliers 1 Ea. 6" Ring Closing Ball Pliers 1 Ea. 6" Hemostat Kelly Forceps - Straight 1 Ea. 6" Ball Grabbing Plier


Disposable Ear Puncture

Specifications: Made of premium material, this pliers is?rust-resisting, durable and wear resistant. It is a great puncture tool for body piercing. This is convenient to use and no harm to human body.


Disposable Safety Sterile

100% brand new revolutionary disposable ear piercing units Made by professional medical devices manufacturer to eliminate the possible cross-infection and inflammation while ear piercing Each unit combines self-destroying ear-piercing gun with a built-in ear stud. It is individually packed and sterilized according to the standard medical requirement. It is designed mechanically so easy to use that you can even do the ear piercing by yourself! Individually packed and sterilized, avoid inflammation. Disposable, no cross-infection, no hepatitis, no HIV. Easy to



Product Details Specifications: Item Type: Piercing Needles Material: Stainless Steel Color: Silver Quantity: 100PCS/BOX Optional Sizes: 12G, 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G For Choose Needle Length: 5CM (50mm) Weight: Approx.40-54g / 1.4-1.9oz


Piercing Practice Demo

7pcs/Kits Tattoo Puncture Model Set for beginner Features: 1. use in face, nose, lip, tongue, navel ,ears and breast. 2. No black, easy to scrub and paint. 3. For tattoo beginners, help beginners quickly practice. Itme Including: 1pcs Face Model 1pcs Breast Model 1pcs Nose Model 1pcs Tongue 1pcs Mouth model 1pcs Navel Model 1pcs ears


Professional Plastic Tattoo

Plastic Disposable Piercing Tools Pliers ,clamp Works Great For For All Sorts Of Piercings Including Tongue, Belly, Nipple, Eyebrows, Lip, Nose, Etc. A Must For Every Professional Piercing Kit. Save on Autoclave Expenses Go Disposable.