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Acrylic Ink Cup

This Ink Cup & Rinse Cup holder is made out of Acrylic. It has a foam bottom to protect the surface it is placed on and does not slide. It also has a built in magnet so that it can stick to any metal surface. Size: 7.25" Inch (Width) x 2" Inch (Height) x 3.75" inch (Depth) Weight: 0.30 lbs


AVA cohesive bandage

Product Info This bandage wrap can easily be wrapped around any type of grip, and offers a non-slip handle. These wraps are self adherent and require no tape. They are adhesive-free and will not get sticky or leave any residue. The bandage is soft, non-constricting, safe, will not slip and easy to work with. Bandage Wrap Width: 1" Inch & 2" Inch Available in: black Color



Material: Cotton denim. Type: hanging neck strap. Feature: Tattoo denim apron with Adjustable Straps&Convenient Pockets. Suitable for  Tattoo shop,Craft workshop, painting etc.


Basic tattoo practice

Basic Tattoo practice skin, will help you practice your lines before going to real skin. This skin is standard and thin. We also offer skins with printed design on it to practice on. If you are looking for something that is just like the real thing try our?Sketch Practice Skin Skin Size: 6" x 8"


BIG WASP Adjustable

Description ? Tapered from 26 to 32mm for optimum comfort for all hand sizes ? Allows you to get closer to the cartridge than ever for ultimate precision and control Supports a natural ergonomic drawing position ? Redesigned groove pattern provides a supported index rest and relieves hand fatigue. ? Tool-less disassembly allows for safe sterilization, compatible with autoclaves and cold sterilant methods ? Ratchet Disc click system prevents involuntary turning, even with heavy machines. ? 3mm center bore is


BIG WASP Premium

  Autoclavable & Adjustable. Can NOT be ultrasonic cleaned. Grip size: 25mm, Adjustment: 6mm, Weight: 5.6oz Made of 316 Surgical Stainless Steel, with textured and hand polished surface. Allows tattoo artists to use Needle Cartridges on any standard tattoo machines.



here we have bigwasps roll in a box of tattoo machine clip-cord sleeve size is 1 inch x 109 yards just cut it to the length you want. it is the perfect size for most tattoo machine clip-cords or RCA cords. its important to bag your machines and your clip cord for each customer to prevent cross contamination and keep your equipment clean



description : *Latex free *non-sterile *multi-purpose *single use only available size : s/m/l/xl


Disposable sharps needle

Disposable sharps needle biohazard container. Throw always all contaminated material, and dispose of them at any medical waste disposal center. Used for tattoo needles, piercing needles, tattoo disposable tubes. Anything that is unsafe to be thrown away with the regular trash. Available in 2 sizes: -1.1 quart - -5 litre (A styles) -


ELITE/ Nitrile tattoo

Product Details examination black gloves : *powder free *latex free best for tattoo and piercing