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Cosco Green Soap

A must have for all tattoo artist. Cosco Green Soap is normally placed in a squeeze bottle or spray bottle. Mixing ration is normally: 85% distilled water & 15% green soap. The green soap is used to prep the skin for the tattoo. Also during the tattoo it is the perfect solution to use to wipe away excess ink, and cleans and disinfects the skin.


CYCLONE 3.0 Smart

Cyclone 3 Smart Touch digital display Brand -?Cyclone Model -?Model 3 smart touch digital display Maximum Voltage -?18 volts. Preset Memory -?8 programmable settings. (4 Liner & 4 Shader settings) Foot Pedal Mode -?Momentary (step to turn on) or Maintained (step once to stay on and step once more to turn off) Digital Display -?Show the machine volts, amps, speed, & duty. An added feature the display also has: Clock & Stop Watch. Mounts -?2 base mounts included, & 1


Disposable Ear Puncture

Specifications: Made of premium material, this pliers is?rust-resisting, durable and wear resistant. It is a great puncture tool for body piercing. This is convenient to use and no harm to human body.


Disposable Safety Sterile

100% brand new revolutionary disposable ear piercing units Made by professional medical devices manufacturer to eliminate the possible cross-infection and inflammation while ear piercing Each unit combines self-destroying ear-piercing gun with a built-in ear stud. It is individually packed and sterilized according to the standard medical requirement. It is designed mechanically so easy to use that you can even do the ear piercing by yourself! Individually packed and sterilized, avoid inflammation. Disposable, no cross-infection, no hepatitis, no HIV. Easy to


Disposable sharps needle

Disposable sharps needle biohazard container. Throw always all contaminated material, and dispose of them at any medical waste disposal center. Used for tattoo needles, piercing needles, tattoo disposable tubes. Anything that is unsafe to be thrown away with the regular trash. Available in 2 sizes: -1.1 quart - -5 litre (A styles) -

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DIVINE COMPACT CP100 Tattoo Power Supply *Aircraft Aluminum Shell. *Input: 100-230V, 50-60Hz, Rated Power: 23W *Max output: 1.5Amp-18V, N.W:220g, G.W: 300g *Power Pack Size: 67*90*32mm, Portable body. *1. Voltage tunes by 0.1V. 2. Regular pedal mode and Continuous pedal mode. 3. Powerful starting mode, and regular starting mode. 4. Smart turns on and off.



DIVINE Elise Cartridge Pen Machine, Made by QUATAT. Designed for PMU & SMP using. Can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintaince. Compatible with Viper, Quatat cartridges, and the major cartridges in the market. Stroke: 2,5 mm, Weight 65g, Grip diameter 16mm. Aircraft aluminum Connection: RCA Propulsion: High Quality Coreless Precision Motor. PRM range: 8V-10000rpm Running Volt : 1.5v working volt : 5-8v Max volt: 9v Do not run the machine without cartridge on, for protecting the machine. 1 Year


Dr. Gritz REDOFF


Dr. Gritz REDOFF

Dr.Gritz RedOFF was created to stop bleeding, as well as to accelerate skin healing and regeneration after a tattoo session. It?s components close the pores and prevent the pigment loss along with an inchor, relieve redness and irritation. Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol denat., D-panthenol, Alumen et calii sulfas, Glycerin. Shelf life:?2 years. How to use:?as the session completed, clean a tattoo as usual and then simply spray it with Redoff


Dr.Gritz Blue Сleaner

Dr.Gritz Blue Сleaner Skin Cleansing Foam especially designed for using during and after tattoo sessions. The Foam facilitates a cleansing process of client's sensitive and damaged skin, gives an elasticity, significantly reducing discomfort. Skin Cleansing Foam moisturizes, reduces irritation and disinfects the tattoo area. Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Sunflower Oil, PEG-40, Triclosan, Golguard, WS-3, Fragrance. Shelf life: 2 years. How to use: apply a small amount of Blue Сleaner Foam directly on tattoo during and after a tattoo session for


Dr.Gritz Bubble gum

Bubble Gum Tattoo Vaseline is an organic replacement of an ordinary medical tattoo vaseline, used during a tattoo session. No influence on transfer. Cost-effective. Helps tattoo artist to maintain a clean, smooth working area, reduce friction. Bubble Gum Tattoo Vaseline’s components relieve redness, irritation and a skin discomfort. An interesting design, as well as familiar from childhood smell of your favourite chewing gum, and a coral colour, will find you and your clients pleased. Ingredients: pharmaceutical petrolatum, shea butter, peach