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Tattoo foot pedale

Features: 1.Tattoo foot pedal Made of high quality Plastic, durable and long time use. 2.Tattoo foot switch is fit for most kind of tattoo machine power supply. 3.Tattoo foot pedals have a professional rubber pad at the bottom, It could be anti-skid when you tattoo. 4.This tattoo foot pedal,Lightweight and small size, easy to carry and use. Available color: black ,grey,golden,red,blue,pink


Tattoo ink cups


Tattoo ink cups

?High-Quality Materials? Tattoo ink caps made of high-strength plastic. tattoo ink cups Durable, ink cups tattoo waterproof, ink caps for tattooing comfortable to hand, tattoo cups very pure clear. ?Unique Design?Tattoo ink caps cups with Base, ink cups tattoo with self standing base can be sat well on the flat surface without a stand. ?Easy to Use?Tattoo ink caps cups very suitable for holding tattoo ink. ink cups tattoo easy to clean and store, tattoo cups makes the tattoo process


Tattoo led clip



Tattoo squeeze bottle

Description Basic squeeze bottle for Green Soap and other formulated tinctures in a small ,medium and large size. Classic, easy to squeeze design with long snout and enlarged base. Super long snout with lots of suction strength. Bottle is made with a basic plastic resin.


Tattoo surfer pen


Tattoo surfer pen

Skin Surfer Pens are made specifically for drawing directly onto the skin for pre-tattoo purposes. The pens are made with a 1.0mm and 1.6mm ball point & are 4.25" long. All tips are wax dipped to keep them as fresh as possible. Currently only available in Purple,blue.


Tattoo traditional ink

CUPS SIZES ?Small-Inner Diameter8mm/11mm/15mm PACKAGES QUANTITY : 100pcs/500pcs/1000pcs HIGH QUALITY?Made of plastic, it is waterproof, reusable and durable. BEST SUPPLIES?These tattoo ink caps are designed with wide cup edge, which can prevent the pigment from spilling.


Tattoo working table

Integrated armrest with tattoo work table. 360 degree swivel adjustments double lock, adjustable height double lock , give you a comfortable position. Complete a tattoo you only need a tattoo workbench. It can be adjusted in 360 degrees, the adjustable height bracket, provides you with a comfortable position. Ideal for tattoo shop ,conventions, completing a tattoo only needs a tattoo workbench.


Tattoorevive CBD oil

DESCRIPTION OIL - Gel for use in the process of tattooing. OIL is an innovative product from TATTOOREVIVE that has replaced the typical vaseline ointments! OIL is a composition of vegetable and mineral oils with berry extracts and emollients, which guarantees the tattoo artist comfortable work with the skin, keeping it in perfect condition throughout the entire tattoo session, no matter how long it is! Soft homogeneous texture. On contact with the skin, it melts into a dense oily layer, creating


Tattoorevive cream (40ml)

PROPERTIES CARE Moisturizing cream based on Shea butter for professional care of a fresh tattoo. Absorbs quickly, stays in the upper layers of the skin for a long time without leaving a greasy sheen. Complex vitamin care for dry tattoo skin. HEALING Aloe extract and D-panthenol help accelerate the healing processes in tattoos. The cream normalizes skin elasticity and helps to restore the structure of damaged collagen fibers. MOISTURIZING Plant-based Hyaluronic Acid in CREAM forms a moisture-retaining layer, keeping the tattoo surface moisturized


Tattoorevive OLASTIC tattoo

*Moisturizing gel with natural oils and chlorhexidine for professional care of a fresh tattoo. *Creates a protective barrier and a favorable environment that accelerates the healing process of the skin of a fresh tattoo. *Unleashes the full potential that tattoo artists put into bright and clear tattoos. *The use of OLASTIC gel allows 100% to maintain the elasticity of healing tattoos of any size on any part of the body. In the professional tattoo industry, OLASTIC gel is unparalleled in