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3 Ampere professional

Important* There is a screen film on the screen to protect the screen so you can peel the screen protector off from the screen then you will find there is no scratch on the screen. 100%SATISFACTION GUARANTEED/ One Year WARRANTY for this Tattoo Power Supply Machine. Convenient to carry Lightweight, unit weight: 650g Output Voltage: 3-18v. Output Current: 0-3A current overload protection. Operating Temperature: 5 + 45c Liner/ Shader presets with memory modes. Momentary (conventional) or Maintained (push on push


Acrylic Ink Cup

This Ink Cup & Rinse Cup holder is made out of Acrylic. It has a foam bottom to protect the surface it is placed on and does not slide. It also has a built in magnet so that it can stick to any metal surface. Size: 7.25" Inch (Width) x 2" Inch (Height) x 3.75" inch (Depth) Weight: 0.30 lbs


Alcahol pads

Description Package: 100PCS * Alcohol Prep Pads Features: Alcohol Prep Pads (1 pad/wipe per sachet) 100 sachets per purchase 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Excellent for use prior to Microblading / PMU and Tattoo.


AVA C3 tattoo

Details: Material: Aluminum Motor: Japanese DC Motor Stroke:3.5mm Start Volt:2.8V DC Opertating voltage:4-12V DC Stich Frequency: :50-190HZ Connection:RCA Jack plug Fit needle: all cartridge needle in the market Packing: 1PC machine+1PC cartridge grip



Ava EP7+ luxury kit EP7 plus kit features: With an extra battery, tattoo artist can change battery, easy for work. With an RCA connection. Tattoo artist can replace battery with RCA to use the pen as a short tattoo pen, which work with RCA clip cord. Material: Aircraft aluminum Power supply: Detachable power supply EP7+ Model : 1. Wireless model, Touch screen, USB Type-C, can change battery. 2, Motor: Germany formula precious metal brush DC motor 3. Seep of motor:11049 rpm4 , Output



AVA GT EP8 Details:?? *Aircraft??aluminum *Stroke: 3.5mm *Power supply:Detachable power supply/RCA cord *Motor: Germany formula precious metal brush DC motor * Seep of motor:11049 rpm4 , Output power: 5W *Charging voltage: 5V/1A *Charging time: 3 hours *Usage time: 5-8 hours 1 years?warranty



Details: Battery type: 18500 Lithium-ion Battery voltage: 3.7V Needle protrusion:1.5-5mm Power intake: 5W Rated capacity: 1900mAh Charging input: 5V/1A Charging t ime: 3-4 hours Usege time: 4-6 hours Adjust voltage by angle Most important thing before using EP9 pen is that put the battery into the pen correctly!!!



Details: Material: Aircraft aluminum motor: Swiss maxon motor Frequency: 0-10000rpm Start volt: 4V DC Working Volt: 6-10V DC Stroke: 3.5mm Connection: RCA cord Color: Red and Silver



Details: The GT-Smart Pen is a powerful pen-style machine that is light, compact and comfortable to hold. For adjusting the needle depth it features a click system, clicking at every step for more precise adjustments. The machine includes 2 grips, a pen tray, some spare parts and an RCA Cord. All of this packed into a luxurious, beautiful, sturdy case for easy traveling. Key Features: Japanese DC motor, more powerful and durable Adjustable needle depth Aircraft grade aluminium housing RCA



The new GTXS Tattoo Pen - New easy open system that allows you to easily open the machine and change parts in case of damage, the stroke wheel and the spring inside the machine can easily be replaced and spare parts are included with the machine - 2 different model grips included, both grips are 30mm at thier thickest point but the different models allow for different hand position - Long grip advantage, you can adjust needle length even if