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The two key products of the professional airbrush and all the complements in a hard case. Equipped with top quality accessories: -?PREMIUM 475?R5/0,5 spray gun with accessories (1 mm. fluid nozzle, air-cap, quick connector, fluid needle and accessory tool). -?XTech 500?airbrush with paint cup, tool, rack and two fully-equipped deposits. - High quality braided air hose for airbrushes.


Sagola CP2000 twin

Twin piston compressor. Air compressor for the XTech range airbrushes. Compact, powerful and reliable. Minimum maintenance. Minimum noise level. Ultra silent. Includes filter and air outlet regulator. Automatic stop switch. Power 1/4 HP Air flow 35-40 L/min Auto Start at less than 3 bar Yes Auto power off at 4 bar Yes Auto power off at 6 bar NO Air outlet 1/8" male Air tank 3,5 L Weight 10,7 Kg Dimensions 350x140x360 mm Sound level 47 db



Double effect professional airbrush. -0.3 mm. needle and nozzle set up, that offers a fine pulverization and a good precision. -Working pressure: 15/30 psi. -Air inlet connection: 1/8? male. -5 c.c. deposit to use any paint quantity, but maintaining the advantage of an easy cleaning and color change. -Needle closing and packing made of Teflon. -Highly precise and smooth air and product valve.



Double effect professional airbrush. 0.3 and 0.5 mm. needle and nozzles, that offer a fine spraying from a high precision to a large spray pattern. 22 c.c. suction deposit with fast change system. Ideal for changing color in an instant. Recommended for jobs such as shirts and RC. In general, bigger size jobs. Air inlet connection: 1/8? male